One Word Photo: A Serendipitous Visit to Auckland

Looking over to Rangitoto Island-018

Good morning from a freezing Hastings day.  There has been quite a lot of snow north of us, closing the main road from Napier to Taupo.  But we generally don’t get it where I live.  But it still means a freezing time for us too.

So onto something a bit warmer.  Jennifer from Jennifer Nichole Wells has asked us for our photos of sandstorm.

Sooo, where do I find photos of sand.  Or storms.  I thought about it all day yesterday.  Our beaches here in Napier tend to be stony and rocky, very little sand.  Plus I wanted to have some different photos.

Sooooo, this morning I did a bit of digging.  I started searching right back in my archives on my hard drive.  At least I still had photos going back to 2006, when I brought my first big digital camera.  It was a great camera with a leica lens.  I had some money from the sale of my house so used it for a new computer and decent camera.  My ex-husband used it a lot for his work, so I had to do a bit of deleting while I was going through them.  My hard drive is fulling up fast so that is not a bad thing.  It was funny seeing my children from back then too.

These photos are from a trip to Auckland in February 2007.  My ex-husband loves classic cars and we would go up to a big car show in Kumeu, north of Auckland.  We did a bit of sightseeing too.  I grew up in Auckland, so I wanted to show my children my home town, so to speak. These photos are taken at Takapuna beach, the first one looking over to Rangitoto Island.  An extinct volcano.

Takapuna Beach, Auckland-067

Someone had some fun driving around on the sand.

Looking Over towards Auckland CBD-054

And you can just see some sand right in the foreground while looking over towards the CBD.  This skyline is so different to what I remember from growing up in Auckland. It was fun doing the touristy things that one normally doesn’t do when you actually live in the city.  That meant for me catching the ferry from the CBD to the North Shore and wandering around the beach.

So I hope you enjoyed my little visit to Auckland which is also my photo story prompt for Marilyn’s challenge over at SERENDIPITY.

One Word Photo Challenge: Sandstorm

One Word Photo Challenge: Sand Storm



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