Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Monarch Butterfly 6

Good morning from a hot muggy Hastings.  I do feel for those in the UK and Europe who are being battered by this massive storm. I remember being in London for the massive storm of 1987  but I am embarrassed to say that I managed to sleep through it all.  From the sounds and looks of it not many will be sleeping well for the next few days so I am thinking and praying for all you  people.

Anyway this weeks challenge by The Daily Post is ‘Grand’.  Having just got back on the computer since I spent a couple of days looking after my parents it was hard remembering any good photos for this.  By the way thanks for the warm wishes Amanda at www.UniqueSoChic.com.  Then I saw these photos of the majestic Monarch Butterflies so I thought that these fitted the bill.

Monarch Butterfly 1Monarch Butterfly 4Monarch Butterfly 7Monarch Butterfly 3

As usual they have been edited with FX Photostudio Pro using the vignette filter  which I love for the fact that it darkens the background and focuses on the main subject.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be Light by the Daily Post

Light 1

Good morning from another sunny Hastings.

This weeks challenge by The Daily Post is Let there be Light.  There have been some amazing photos for this so here is my contribution.  These photos were taken last winter when I headed out in the morning when it was still dark and all the street lights were still on..  There was also a slight mist around to give a halo affect to the lights which make them more interesting.

Light 8Light 9

Light 2Light 6

Light 3Light 7

Light 5

Finally these lights were in the window of a hairdressers shop.

Light 10

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected


Good morning from another sunny, warm Hastings day.

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is unexpected  byThe Daily Post.

Ah it is good to be able to access photos again.  Last night I scrolled through all my photos for anything that went with unexpected.  A lot of my photos do deal with the unexpected.  Walking around a corner and finding something awesome such as my dawn photos in the mists.  But then I found these photos.  These were taken back at the start of spring.  I have no idea what they are but they are spring blossoms but in a totally unexpected way.  They are not generic with their petal shapes at all.


I found these flowers under a tree, I think they are a creeper or parasite  plant as such.  I have never seen them before.





Anyway they are bizarre.

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Playing with FX Studio Pro

vintage rose

Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

I haven’t posted for a couple of days as I have been trying to restore 300 GBs of photos from Time Machine onto a hard drive.  It has taken a couple of days but I have managed it.  I felt lost without these photos.  My husband needs some photos so I am searching for them but so far no luck.  Anyway it is all done and I feel whole again.  It did take all night to update all the thumbnails so now I can see again.  Ah the joys of computers.

Anyway I spent some time last night just playing abound with FX Studio Pro.  I just tried out the different filters.  I was inspired by www.UniqueSoChic.com‘s post yesterday. I thought her images were amazing. I was also interested in the     Photography 101: Your Workflow, Part I    by The Daily Post.

Black and White bubblesSoft bubbles

These two are obviously the same image.  The one on the right was edited again in Photoshop for the colour.

Orange beauty 1Tritone rose

Some more roses.  Again I edited the right one in Photoshop to bring out the leaves a bit more.

Night Vision leavesX Ray leaves

For these two I wanted a more dramatic feel to them, accentuating the pattern of the leaves.

Ranunculascolour explosion

I tried to keep the orange colours of these images.  But with the right image I added a little rainbow affect.

Rainbow watersSolarised leaves

For these two images I gave them colours that wouldn’t occur in real life.  The image on the right has a rainbow filter on a diagonal to go with the pattern on the water while the one on the right has been solarised so that the green has turned purple while retaining the red leaves.

Glowing rose

Finally a glowing rose which I just really added a vignette to get rid of unwanted background.

It is soooo much fun playing around with images.  It can take an average photo and turn it into something amazing.

So have fun with editing.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

Double Ranuncula

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge topic is layers byThe Daily Post. So it is back to florals again.  I love the way the petals are layered in this double ranuncula.  It is ready to burst out, but slowly, layer by layer.  Actually that is why I love taking photos of flowers.  It is interesting to see each day how the flower opens, so that it is never the same.  Here are some more of the ranunculus.

Pink ranunculaDouble Pink RanunculaRanuncula

Roses are a big favourite of mine.

Rose layerslayers

I love editing them with FX Photstudio Pro.  I have used the vignette filter so that the focus is on the layers and then changed the colour temperature.

red camellia budLayered rose bud

These two buds show just how tightly the layers are.

pink camellia

With this one I wanted to focus on how luminescent the leaves are.

textured camellia

Finally I love the textures and layers in these flowers.

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