One Word Photo Challenge: Beaver

Cheeky thrush

Good morning from a dark Hastings.  I think we are supposed to be ending daylight saving soon. So as the northern hemisphere goes into spring, we are going into autumn.  We got about 30 minutes of rain yesterday, not enough for the dry region.  Today we are expecting showers on and off.  We’ll see.

This week the colour chosen by Jennifer Nichole Wells is beaver, a buff strong beige brown colour.

At Cornwall Park there is an aviary with parrots and turtles.  I just happened to be there when the gardeners were putting out fresh food for the birds.  This thrush (?) was holding on upside down helping itself to the food that was placed close to the fence in the front.

Twisted tree

Next to the aviary was this twisted tree.


One Word Photo Challenge: Beaver

One Word Photo Challenge: Beaver (Brown)

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Weekly Pet Share

Thrush (800x618)

Michelle has changed her pet challenge to Weekly Pet share this week.

I never found my lost camera.  It is annoying as I also lost 4 memory cards, another small camera and the bag.  I felt lost without it.

So yesterday I went out and brought the best camera that I could afford.  It was a choice between a camera and a sofa.  No choice really.  So now I am the proud owner of a Nikon Coolpix P600.  What a difference to my old camera.  So responsive and fast.  When I got home I saw the price on the box – $250  cheaper than I brought it for – I was meant to have it then.  I also got the plum coloured one.  It is smaller and lighter than my old camera and fits smugly into my hand.  So guess what I have been doing – yup, making up for lost time.

The zoom on this is great.  There is a small dial on the right that operates it which I like.  This photo was taken at maximum zoom of a thrush on the top of the house next door.  I am totally a happy chappy now.


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Travel theme: Birds

Sparrow on the lookoutjpgRuffled sparrow in bushjpg

Caught red handed with breakfastpgThe early bird catches the wormjpg

Blackbird in the sunpg

Good morning from a grey, overcast day.

I loved the post this  morning by Cee’s Photography for the Travel Theme is birds.

So here is my contribution to it.

I have discovered a new editing programme which I saw on lady sighs entry for     Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge ~ Nature      .  The GIMP.  Anyway I have been playing around with it and have not really progressed past the round edges.  But as always it is fun to try.

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