Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Peace

Two tree trunks-069

Good morning from another cold and frosty Hastings morning.

Thank you all for your best wishes.  It has been a painful week this week.  I am slowly getting better with the anti-inflamatory tablets.  Yesterday I was given a more supportive chair to try and keep my back straight so I should be able to spend some more time on my computer.

I know that this week Cee from Cee’s Photography has asked for two very different things or the number two.  But I love this tree with the two tree trunks.  It reminds me of the peace symbol.  So may peace be with you all.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two Very Different Items or the Number Two



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Twos, some different some the same


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Travel Theme: Golden Trees at Cornwall Park


Good morning from a cold foggy Hastings morning.

Our autumn this year has been really colourful.  The lower light has been making the colours really pop out around the town.  Yesterday I went to Cornwall Park to catch the golds and reds and their reflections.  There are a lot of photos today.  It was hard to chose to limit what to use.














These photos are my entry for Ailsa’s challenge at Where’s my backpack? which this week is rather apt for me – Trees

Travel theme: Trees

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A Word a Week: Orange – Autumn Colours

Autumn colours 7

Good morning from a wet and grey Hastings.

I had this post all planned last night and then this morning I read my emails and found that this weeks Word a Week challenge is orange.  So now I can use these photos in this challenge.


Sue showed the most amazing sunrise.

Today here in New Zealand it is the official start of winter.  So yesterday I made the most of the sunny and warm weather and headed out to take some photos of the autumn colours.  So I think all the shades of orange have come out.

Autumn colours 1

The first place I went to was Oak Avenue.  This is a short avenue lined with oak trees that were planted in 1874.  I found it hard driving up this road as it was breathtaking.

Autumn colours 2

Then on both sides of the avenue there are orchards which are just glorious at the moment.  I had to go when the sun was up at a certain angle to really get the depth of colour.  The farmers have sent their sheep in to keep the grass down among the trees.  This group took off as soon as I started to head towards them.

Autumn colours 6

Then it was off to Pakowhai Park.  The colours were breathtaking.  There was no wind and the stream was like a mirror.

Autumn colours 5

Autumn colours 4

Autumn colours 3

Autumn colours 10

Autumn colours 9

Autumn colours 8

Here is another great post for this challenge by Nowathome.


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Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge: Trees


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge: Trees

This week I have gone for photos of the oldest poplar tree in New Zealand.  I have always been fascinated by this tree.  The fact that it is hollow but still standing and still leafy.  It is fenced off now but I can imagine children would love to play hide and seek around it.

DSCF7483DSCF7483 1




First I went to GIMP where I used the canvas filter and cartoon filter.  Then it was over to FX Photostudio Pro for the ancient canvas filter.  Since the tree was old I felt that it needed to have an antique feel to the photos.

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When You Can’t See The Woods For The Trees

Red Snake Bark Maple

Photo Editing Challenge: Trees and/or Tree Trunks



Photo-Editing Challenge : Trees and/or Tree Trunks




Look Up, Look Down Challenge: Week 16


Good morning from a drier Hastings morning.

Another week in Travel with Intent ‘s  Look Up, Look Down Challenge.  I have continued with the bird theme as I searched through my photos last night.  When I go for a walk I am always searching around for anything interesting to take a photo of.  To take photos of birds I first practiced on the ducks as they were bigger and didn’t move as fast as birds.  Then as I got more comfortable with my new camera I progressed to birds, both in trees and on the ground.  This photo is of a pigeon at Frimley Park

All spring I was thwarted by the fantails, a native bird of New Zealand that has tail feathers that fan out like well a fan.


This is the best I got.  I swear that they knew I was coming because they would flit around me, literally and just stop long enough for me to get the camera focused on them and then would fly off.  Most frustrating.  Flighty little things they are.

Sparrow in Kowhai

Of course there are plenty of sparrows.  They also loved the Kowhai trees with it’s sweet nectar.

I also took lots of birds on the ground as well.  When I would go and feed the ducks other smaller birds would also fly in and catch the crumbs.  That made taking photos of them rather easy.


On another walk I came across this blackbird bathing in the stream.

Bird playing in water

And then sunbathing.

Black bird

I do have a lot of dud photos of birds.  I probably get one good photo out of ten, but the fun is in watching them.  They can be very entertaining, except of course the fantails, they are just mean to me.

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