WPC: Looking Skywards

Havelock North, Anderson Park 661@0,1x

Good morning from a very wet and soggy Hastings morning.  The rain stopped last night around 8 PM.  That was a relief.  There was a lot of surface flooding and I had an interesting experience driving through some mud.  My Social Snappers group went to the showgrounds to see our paintings that we had entered for the Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers Association. That was under the grandstand and dry which meant a lot of people were there to shelter from the rain.  And to stand near the huge heaters.  We didn’t hang around for too long.  Then we had to drive through the mud to get out.  Such a rural experience.

Anyway onto drier and colder times at Havelock North.   has given us the prompt of looking up to find something new.

For this week’s challenge, take a moment to look up. Whether it’s the fan above your head at work, your bedroom ceiling, or the night sky, what do you see? Is it familiar? Or does it show you a new perspective on your surroundings?

When I am out and about, especially in the parks I am always looking up for bird life.  I listen out for their bird song, and then I look up to see if there is any movement before zooming in on them.

Havelock North, Anderson Park 171@0,1x

Such as this native New Zealand bird, the tui.

Havelock North, Anderson Park 785@0,1x

And of course a fantail.


And finally this harrier hawk over our orchards.

The Daily Post: Look Up

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WPC: A Stunning Day at Keirunga Gardens in Havelock North

Keirunga Gardens-9499

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Today   for the Weekly Photo Challenge has asked us photos from an ideal day.  Perfect timing to show off some photos from my Social Snappers group’s outing to Keirunga Gardens in Havelock North.  The weather was perfect.  The gardens are just coming alive with the first signs of spring – the first daffodils,

Keirunga Gardens-9510

Some snowdrops,

Keirunga Gardens-9550

some jonquils.

Keirunga Gardens-9593

Trees were coming alive with blossoms.

Keirunga Gardens-9523

Keirunga Gardens-9712

Keirunga Gardens-9620

And we were serenaded by the Tuis which are now very active.

Keirunga Gardens-9629

Keirunga Gardens-9630

All in all, my favourite way to spend the day.


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day




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Travel Theme: Freedom

Majestic Tui (640x497)

Good morning from a wet and soggy Hastings.  Summer has taken a break and autumn decided to come back so it is cold as well.

I was talking to my daughter the other night as to why I always write about the weather and why I say ‘good morning’.  Hastings, Napier and Gisborne are the first cities to see the new day which is why I say  good morning from Hastings.  And the weather update?  Well it goes back to when I was overseas and when I wrote my letters back home it was a case of if you don’t know what to write about, there is always the weather.  You can always write something about how cold or warm it has been and it can fill up at least half a page or the aerogramme which is what I used to use.  I certainly didn’t want to tell my family everything!

Anyway onto Ailsa’s challenge this week which is Freedom.

Travel theme: Freedom

To start with an iconic kiwi bird the Tui among the kowhai.

Blackbird (640x482)

Then this blackbird.

Sparrow (640x545)

And lastly a couple of sparrows.

Taking off (640x482)

So why these photos.  Last week I posted a couple of photos for Steve’s Snap & Zap challenge of some parrots held captive in the aviaries at Cornwall Park.  While these photos are all of birds flying around in freedom.  I much prefer to take photos of birds in their natural habitats than in cages.


Travel Theme: Freedom – Seagulls in Flight

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One Word Photo Challenge: Pine

pine 6 (640x482)

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

For this challenge by Jennifer I have gone for a New Zealand theme.

One Word Photo Challenge: Pine

 Of our native bush to be exact.

pine 7 (640x482)

I spent a lot of time last year in spring trying to get decent photos of our native fantail.  They were little devils.  They would come right up to me and fly around my head and then take off when I even dared to point a camera at them.

Pine 2 (640x482)

It doesn’t help that my camera is super slow after I dropped it and cracked the screen.  The sensors have been affected so it hates focusing.  My manual focusing is way to slow.

pine 5 (482x640)

That said I loved the way that the light filters through the ferns and leaves.




A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: HIGH

Tui 1

Good morning from a wet Hastings day.  Last night we had a good thunderstorm.  Not what we normally get but it was fun. So now it is still raining.  We need the rain so I don’t mind.

This week’s A Word in Your Ear challenge is ‘High’.  I hate heights so I have gone for photos looking high up into the trees.  So I focused on a New Zealand theme with our native Tuis.  They are also called Parson Birds as they have a small tuft of white feathers under their beaks.  Last spring I spent a lot of time looking high up into the  tree canopies trying to get some decent photos of them.  It took a few attempts but I got some good ones in the end.  They are rather aggressive birds and I saw them chasing off the smaller sparrows from their favourite tree – the Kowhai.  I have edited them all with the vintage filters on FX Photostudio Pro.

Tui 6Tui 2

The app was able to keep the colours of the tail feathers will giving a warm tone to the background.

Tui 4Tui 5

Here you can see the Kowhai flowers that the Tuis love.  Also the white feathers are shown off in the photo on the right.

Tui 3

I just posterised this photo for a different affect.

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