Sonel’s Split Toning Challenge and Cee’s Black and White Challenge


Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.

Today I have decided to do two challenges at once.  To be honest the photos improved with the black and white filter, showing a lot more detail than it shows in colour.

I don’t just take photos, which is my greatest passion, but I also knit, sew and crochet.  Every year I set myself a new challenge.  One year it was to learn to knit and crochet using very fine silk and beads.  Another year was to do crazy quilting. Last year was to learn Tunisian Crochet.  My grandmother had taught me over 30 years ago the basics but obviously I had forgotten.  So I found some very long Tunisian Crochet hooks online and lined up a few UTube videos and retaught myself.  I am amazed at the different stitches that can be made with this technique.  It has opened up a new world.  I managed to do two baby blankets.  The first one was with two colours and rather small.  It was a hard one to start with but I gave it to my stepdaughter for my husband’s first grandchild.  This one, however I will keep.  It really was a labour of love and took well over 60 hours to make in between sewing and knitting other garments such as my baby black and white NZ outfits which I sell.

But I digress.  Here are the original photos taken inside with the wrong lighting.


You can barely see the stitches.


Here is the macro for Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge.  The detail is still fuzzy.

So to go for Cee’s Photography Black and White Challenge  I edited them with the Colour Strokes app which gave them a grittier look to them, but also really shows up the detail of the stitches.

blanket 2Untitled

Blanket 1Blanket 3.

Here the details are really strong.  Actually I reminds me of the vintage pattern books I have from the thirties and earlier where the details are shown in black and white  as a guideline.  I find that modern books with their colour photos are not quite as interesting.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the challenge.  It is not my usual type of editing but sometimes the most simple edits are the most effective.

Thank you for visiting.

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