Weekly Pet Challenge: Five Photos, Five Stories

Black Beauty-020

Every morning when I get up the first thing I do is  open the curtains.  For several reasons.  Firstly it is to see what the weather is like – self explanatory.  I don’t rely on the weather forecast.  The most accurate forecast is to look out the window.  The second reason is to see if there is a good sunrise.  If so, then it is a matter of grabbing the camera and tripod and head on out.  Thirdly, is to see which cat it is that is watching over me.  So far I have found a couple of black cats, a couple of grey cats and a ginger cat.  I haven’t really seen the white cat much lately.

But I see cats around my house most of the day.  They come to say hello, maybe sit a while to enjoy the sun.  Then when they are ready they move on to the next house to check out.

This is for several challenges – Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share by Hope* the happy hugger and also for the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge.

So I would like to nominate Steve from Steve Says… to see what he can come up with. He has such a fresh quirky outlook on life and I am dying to see what he comes up with.


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Weekly Pet Share: Sitting on the Fence

Sitting on the Fence-7726

Good morning from a warmer sunny Hastings day.  We have had a gorgeous sunrise which I used for my Wordless Wednesday post.  The sunrises are definitely getting later, and redder.  One day I will take my son to his college and then go over to Napier cemetery and try and get a sunrise there – the cemetery is up on a hill.  That should be good.

I thoroughly enjoyed my painting class yesterday.  Actually it was spent talking mostly about my Social Snappers group.  A couple want to join my group but it clashes with another group so there was a lot of discussion about times etc so that they can come along.  It is all good.

Anyway here is something more furry.  We have a lot of cats where  I live.  So there is no shortage of furry models for me.  I have to keep my camera handy just to catch some interesting photos.  Just like this cat sitting on the fence.  This is near the area where all the cats seem to sit to check up on me.  It is comforting somehow.



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Weekly Pet Share: Naughty Socks

Naughty Socks-1893

Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.

Well, I survived my dental surgery yesterday.  The hardest part was getting the local anaesthetic and that wearing off.  I just lay there with my headphones plugged in to focus on that instead of the sound affects.  I am not too bad this morning.  As long as I take the pain relief regularly I should be okay.  Yesterday I just lived on ice cream.  I wasn’t allowed to  have anything warm or hot so I had stocked up on ice cream and yogurt the day before.  I am not really an ice cream eater.  It has to be really hot for me to eat it.  But I found a really yummy thick and creamy one – Peaches and Cream.  I could find myself eating more.  But then again I would always associate it with this surgery.  It is weird that you get hungry but you can’t eat something solid.

On Monday, our public holiday my son and I visited my parents.  This naughty cat had ripped some of their net curtains.  So I (or my son) had to take a curtain from the ranch slider and replace the torn curtain with it.  I had brought it home to shorten it and then washed it.  Even when I took the torn curtain down Socks was determined to have a last play with it.

Naughty Socks-1880

Believe me he is in there somewhere.

He is very cheeky but does entertain my mother which is really important.  My mother had tried to sew some other curtains but didn’t know what to do with the sewing machine.  Both her and Dad had tried to measure them up, which I had then sewn but they were about 2 inches too long.  So Martin and I then measured them up, after locking Socks up and I sewed them.

This is my entry for Michelle’s challenge at Hope* the happy hugger



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Weekly Pet Share: A Busy day for Ducks at Cornwall Park

Blue Beauty

Good morning from a cloudy grey Hastings.

Last Sunday I went to Cornwall Park to capture the colours of autumn.  The weather was just so warm and summery and the ducks were very active and vocal.  There was a lot of splashing around and mating for some reason.  Maybe the weather had fooled the ducks.  There were a few tricky conversations with parents trying to explain what was going on to their children.

But here are the duck photos.

A Sea of Gold

Golden Reflections

Spreading my Wings

Teenage Duck

And here is a wider view of the golden pond.

Golden Pond

This is part of the Weekl Pet Share hosted by Michelle at Hope* the happy hugger.



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Weekly Pet Share: Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties (1 of 1)

Good morning from a rather frosty Hastings day. There has been a lot of snow down the South Island which is actually rather early for us – being only mid April.  Normally it would be next month.  The wind was freezing here in Hastings but the sun was out which meant we were warm inside.

For Michelle at Hope* the happy hugger‘s weekly pet challenge I have gone for something different.  Last weekend while I was at Cornwall Park with my daughter I came acrosse these sparrows enjoying a bath.  It was too cold for me to go swimming, but not for these hardy birds.  I have been trying to catch this for a while.  They tend to fly off when I come up close or as in the other day the light was too strong and my photos were a tad overexposed in parts of the image.  This time the light was a lot softer and I managed to get some cool reflections too.

Bathing Beauties (2 of 1)

Bathing Beauties (3 of 1)

Bathing Beauties (4 of 1)

There were so many sparrows enjoying these puddles. – Actually more like the public baths.


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Weekly Pet Share: It’s a Cats Life

Sleeping cat (1 of 1)

Good morning from a cloudy Hastings day.  We have already had an amazing sunrise so I shot out to take some photos.  There were a few drops of rain which surprised me.  Yesterday we hit the high 20’s celsius so I have a feeling that the temperature won’t be quite so high today.

This gorgeous sleeping beauty was enjoying the last light of the day by the fence.  So of course the camera came out.

Sleeping cat (2 of 1)

Just a note to Ruth, my daughter.  She has been moaning to me that my graphic image for my copyright was driving her nuts as it was slanted.  No-one else had noticed.  So Ruth, when you read this check out my new image.  I had a lot of fun with Photoshop – I am slowly getting my head around it.  Actually what helped is that I deleted a lot of photos after backing them up on my external hard drive.  Funnily enough that has helped – wonder why. I did a first image, loaded it onto my scheduled blogs and the noticed late last night that I had made a huge mistake.  So I got up early this morning to do a new image before heading out for the sunrise.


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Weekly Pet Share: A snowy visitor

A Snowy Visitor

I have discovered that there are a lot of cats around my neighbourhood.  Sometimes we I go out to check the sunrise I will find several cats on the road, as if they were checking it out too.  Then the other night I happened to look outside and saw this snowy white cat.  I had never seen it before.  But I have seen it a few times now around my house.

A snowy visitor

A snowy visitor

A snowy visitor

A snowy visitor

Isn’t it a stunner. And a poser.  It was just like a model working the camera.  Just gotta love the white cats.  Actually I have found there are a lot of black cats around here for some reason.



Weekly Pet Share: Abbey

Abbey 13th March 2015-2005

Here is my latest photo of Abbey, my mother’s dog. She had just had a haircut and was looking beautiful.  Abbey is now going deaf and is looking tired now.  But she gives Mum a routine and something to care about.


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Weekly Pet Share ~ 80

Weekly Pet Share: A stray cat

Neighbourhood cat-

While I was on my computer the other day doing some photo editing I looked over and saw this cat sneaking over the fence.  I generally have my camera around so just grabbed it and took these photos. They were taken from inside and at the longest lens possible so are a little fuzzy. I tried to sharpen them but I actually like the first one especially anyway.

Neighbourhood cat 1-

Neighbourhood cat 2-

I have seen it around, trying to catch some birds.  I have shown it on another post about chasing the birds after I had thrown out some bread.


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Pet share 79


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