Travel Theme: Windy Times

Windy Times-017

Good morning from a cool Hastings day.  Apparently spring is starting early for us – we should be rather warm today.  Actually after the frosty starts we have been getting slightly warmer during the day.

Yesterday my son installed Windows 10 on my computer.  Much better than Windows 8.  I do prefer the start button and the tiles are still there and easily accessible.  It took him several days to actually do it.  New Zealand was the first country to be able to download it but then in 24 hours over 14 million users had installed it on their computers.  No wonder it took several days.  And it is faster too.  It remains to be seen if it is buggy as my son says.  But so far so good.

But that still hasn’t helped me find some photos.  Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? has asked us for our windy photos.  I have spent hours trying to take some windy photos of the trees around me.  We have had a lot of wind this winter so it wasn’t a case of still calm days.  Which is the above image.  But I have spent some time this morning trying to find some photos of wind turbines that I had taken way back in May.

Windy Times-565

This is all I could find from that day.  Normally I label my folders so that they are easy to find.  Not this day.  Most annoying.  This day it had snowed really low on the ranges around us and I went for a drive to find the snow.  I came across some wind turbines,  Since there was absolutely no wind they were still.

Travel theme: Wind

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WPC: The Forces of Nature: The wind

A Windy Day-014

Good morning from a cooler but calmer Hastings day.

I love doing challenges.  It means stretching myself to finding new photos and interpretations.  I have now got them written down to keep an idea what is coming up.  In particular for Cee’s challenges and Jennifer’s One Word Photo challenge.  Jennifer has finished with her colours and has now moved onto the weather.  Most of the weather phenomenon is easy – sun, clouds. storm.  But wind is invisible.  So I have been trying to get photos of branches and leaves moving in the wind.  I tried to slow the shutter speed but my fixed lens doesn’t stop down enough so I got some horribly over exposed images.

On Wednesday the weather was very windy so over the day I kept trying to get some photos of the branches bent over and blurry from movement.  This was the most successful photo of the day.

I will keep at it.  My next idea is to peg some towels on the washing line and take photos of the towels blowing in the wind.  Puts a whole new spin on Bob Dylan’s song “Blowing in the Wind”.

Anyway it is appropriate for The Daily Post‘s challenge today – Forces of Nature.

#FridayFoto: Scottish Weather – A Force Of Nature Not To Be Reckoned With…

The Daily Post: WPC Force of Nature


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A Word in Your Ear: Wind


Good morning from a cooler Hastings today.  Hopefully the two massive thunderstorms we had yesterday has cooled things down and reduced the humidity.  I have been going for a walk at 6 in the morning as by 7 AM it is just too hot and muggy.  The light is so different at that time as well.  Note to self – get at least a monopod.  Serious case of the shakes.

Anyway the word this week fromA Word in Your Ear is wind.  So wind is invisible.  How best to show it off?  Then while I was on my walk this morning I remembered these photos I took back in the spring.  The top photo is with no wind.  It took a bit to get the different gusts of wind for different affects.




They have been edited with FX Photostudio Pro and Photoshop Elements 11.

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