One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

Snow on the Hills-1-6

Good morning from a grey spring day here in Hastings.

This week Jennifer with her One Word Photo Challenge has asked us for our winter photos.  We generally don’t get much snow, but this year it came down lower than normal.  So of course I went down south of Hastings in search of the snow.

Snow on the Hills-1-5

Snow on the Hills-1-8

Snow on the Hills-1-7

These photos were taken around 1.30 PM which shows just how cold the weather was that day.


One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

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A Serendipitous Winter

Autumn -151

Good morning from a freezing Hastings day.

Marilyn over at SERENDIPITY showed some of her summer photos today.  But here in the southern hemisphere we are still in the depths of winter.  It has been a strange winter.  Our autumn was very colourful and long.

Winter frosts-102

But the winter frosts did arrive earlier this year than normal – in April. But the days were reasonably warm.

Then we had some warm balmy days but then we had some freezing days with snow low on the hills around us.

Winter snow-8881

Normally the snow doesn’t fall this low around us.


Then we have been having some warm balmy days, so that the spring blossoms are starting to make an appearance.

It is hard to believe that in a couple of days we will be in August.  Only a month to go until we are officially into spring.  Then in September we will have our blossom parade.  Then we know that we are really into spring.

I live in a warmish temperate climate.  Yes, it can get cold, but then it normally doesn’t last too long.  This week I haven’t needed to light the fire.  But then this morning I got up and it was freezing again so the fire is going strong.

The weather is such a fickle thing.

Go and check out Marilyn’s Photo Prompt for her amazing summer photos.


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Details of New Zealand Flax



Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

The      Daily Prompt: FAQ  is details for photographers.  I searched through my archives to find something showing details.  Actually I am unable to access my photos on the Time Machine so I went to Flickr and emailed photos to myself and then edited them.  A long winded way of accessing photos but if anyone has any better ideas please let me know.

Back to my post.  These photos were taken last winter during a heavy dew in the morning.  The sun was shining on these New Zealand flax flowers with the dew and it was amazing.  I thought I would jazz it up with FX Photostudio Pro just to make them more interesting.  I hope you like them.

Flax 6Flax 5

flax 1Flax 3

Flax 4

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