Floral Friday: Hyacinth/ In Memoriam

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Good morning from another sunny Hastings.

Tomorrow we have our blossom parade to celebrate the start of spring.  Because  Hastings is known as the fruit bowl of New Zealand the spring blossoms on the fruit trees are really important.  But as luck would have it the weather has been superb all week so that means that wet weather is forecast for the weekend.  I will see how it is as to whether I will go or not to take photos.

So it is Floral Friday again.  This was taken with my IPhone 5S at my parents house. I am looking forward to the new IPhone 6 Plus – apparently the camera is supposed to be as good as an SLR.  But so far I have been very happy with this phone.

On a sombre note it is the 9/11 anniversary of the twin towers.  I will always remember quite clearly that day.  I hadn’t been back in New Zealand for very long and had just moved into my home . I  had just got  up and was getting the children ready for school.  My mother rung up and said that I had to turn on the TV, something bad was happening.  So I saw the towers collapsing live from my lounge here in New Zealand.  It was hard to comprehend that something like that should happen.  Or world had changed forever.

It is also the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War I.  New Zealand lost so many of our young men fighting for our freedom in that war, as well as in World War II.  They were so brave to go to the other side of the world and many of them came back damaged for ever.  We must never forget their sacrifices.




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