Steve’s Snap & Zap Challenge: Birds

IMG_0444 (640x473)

This is a fun challenge from Steve


  1. Create a new post showing the original
  2. What edits have you made?
  3. What software/techniques have you used?
  4. Link back to the current week’s page

So the top image is my original looking up at a seagull on a tarpaulin.

First I edited it with Snapseed with the drama filter and HDR

IMG_0441 (640x453)

Then I headed over to Distressed FX and sorry I can’t remember what filter I used there.IMG_0442 (640x453)

Just for a bit of colour.

Then I played around with Photoscape.

Backlit (640x473)

First I added a backlit filter.

watercolour pencil (640x473)

Then added a watercolour pencil filter. Too light and not enough definition.

pen (640x473)

So then I added a pen filter.  Still not enough for my liking.

backlit 2 (640x473)

So some more backlit filters.

So let me know which is your favourite version.

Actually it is has been a bird theme week for me.  And just to prove that birds are around me, yesterday we had a visit from a mother duck and her 10 babies.  A long way from Cornwall Park.  Unfortunately we were too busy trying to catch them instead of taking photos.  It took about a couple of hours.  We caught about 7 of the ducklings but the mother duck kept flying around getting distressed and the other 3 ducklings kept going around in circles in the shrubbery.  In the end the ducklings we had caught were put in an empty rabbit hutch and the neighbour came back a couple of hours later to find the mother duck by the hutch with her 3 lost babies.  So they were all then caught and taken back to the park, which I might add is a couple of kilometers away.  :D

IMG_0435 (436x640)

Just to show Steve I was thinking of his theme last week which was walking.  – the final edited version of my photo last week.

Thanks for visiting.


Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

IMG_0410 (506x640)

Good morning from another grey Hastings day.

Since it is the third week of October it is black and white for Sally’s challenge:

You might recognise this first photo.  It is the one I used for my post on twins for Nancy Merrill’s challenge:

IMG_0412 (506x640)

IMG_0411 (512x640)

Everything looks so different in black and white.  All taken with my iPhone 5S and edited on my phone with Snapseed.

I am starting to see some photos from the iPhone 6 and 6Plus.  They look great but I am still very happy with my 5S.  I brought it in February so it is not that old and I am really happy with the quality of the images with it.  I didn’t like my 4S as it was not as clear so I noticed the difference when I upgraded.

Thanks for visiting and I will catch up with you later.



Cee’s Oddball Challenge


Good morning from a sunny Hastings day.  It is nice to see the sun after it rained hard all day yesterday.  I hope those in America are getting the rain they so desperately need.

Another Monday.  Another Oddball photo.  This time I am showing the concrete sheep in front of the clock tower in Hasting’s CBD. I love the one black sheep among them.

Thanks for visiting.  I’m sorry I didn’t get round to your blogs last night.  Firstly I was banned from the lounge -Dr Who was on – I can’t watch it as it still gives me the heebeejeebees so I went and did some of my quilt.  Then it had to be quiet as my favourite programme was on – Call the Midwife.  But I promise I will get round to it sometime today.  This computer is toooooooooo slow.



Travel Theme: Morning has broken

Morning has broken (640x480)

Good morning from a wet and soggy Hastings day.

It seems like only yesterday that I posted photos for Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge.  Where has the time gone?

Yesterday as I was thinking about this challenge I wondered what to use.  Then I found these sunrise photos in my drop box.  So what could be better than using a favourite song of mine – Morning has Broken.

These photos were taken some time ago and I was trying to get the sun framed by the tv aerial and the eaves of the neighbours house eaves.  it wasn’t easy.

Morning has broken 1 (640x480)

Morning has broken 2 (640x480)

Thanks for visiting and I will catch up with you later today.


The Daily Post: Refraction

DSCF9113 (640x477)

The prompt from the Daily Post this morning was for refraction.  I love reflections and how the reflections are refracted and never the same.  So for me, it was a matter of which photos to choose.

DSCF7835 2 (640x475)

I have a lot of abstract photos like this one.

DSCF7346 (497x640)

As well as a lot of duck photos at Cornwall Park.

Thanks for visiting.


A Photo a Week: Twins

IMG_5226 (501x640)

Good morning from another grey Hastings morning. This last week we have had some grey mornings but the clouds were gone by mid morning giving us lovely warm afternoons.  I don’t think that is going to happen so here is a cheerful photo to start the day of.

Nancy has come up with the prompt of twins. I am one of twins.  We are or were identical in looks.  I have photos of us as babies and you wouldn’t know the difference.  No we didn’t play tricks on our teachers as we were generally in the same class.  We did have this ESP going on – I had a toothache but she had the hole in her tooth.  I wasn’t impressed with that at all.  That seems to have faded as we have got older and have gone our separate ways.  We are both creative, though in different ways – we both love colour.

DSCF9860 (640x477)

Thanks for visiting.  I will catch up with everyone’s blogs tonight.


Floral Friday: Apple Blossoms

Apple blossom (497x640)

Good morning from another grey Hastings.  It seems grey in the mornings and then we have clear blue skies in the afternoon and it is definitely heating up now.

We have an apple tree in our garden so I thought it was appropriate to show off some of these fragrant blossoms.

Apple Blossom 1

Apple Blossom 2


Thanks for visiting.  I will catch up with everyone later.  My computer is mega slow today.


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