Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: A model cat

IMG_0634 (640x466)g

Good morning from a warm muggy Wednesday here in Hastings.

Yesterday we reached 27 degrees celsius – don’t ask what that is in fahrenheit but it was hot and muggy.  Today it is expected to get to 30 degrees celsius.  Just as my children and I will be going to my parents to clear up their garden which is our Christmas present to them.  They have everything they need, and anyway I can’t afford to buy much so a working bee is always a good thing.  We did this last year as well.  I will be hunting Abbey and Missy for more photos for this challenge.

This beauty lived on a corner property and always looked out for me when I walked past.  This particular day it just sat on a small shed and just posed and posed.  I took a lot of photos that day.

IMG_0635 (640x466)

IMG_0633 (640x466)



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One Four Challenge: Week 4

On four challenge (640x579)

Welcome to this new challenge by Robyn at Captivate Me


At her blog you will find out more about participating in this challenge.  It is about having fun with editing.  Which I most certainly do.

This first image is from Week 1.

Snapseed edit (640x466)

Week 2 was edited in Snapseed.

Photoshop express edit 1.4 (640x466)

Week 3 was edited in Photoshop Express with the carmine filter.

Distressed FX edit (640x466)

And for my final edit I went to Distressed FX to give it some warmer tones.

And here is the original image:

On four challenge (640x470)

As you can see it has changed a fair bit from the original.

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.”

Neil Gaiman

Here are some of the other great works of art to check out.





I have tried to add a poll so we will see if I am successful.


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Phoneography Challenge: Challengers Choice: Art Deco Memories

Art Deco 5

Good morning from another sunny Hastings day. Yesterday we reached 27 degrees celsius so we are now well into summer, even though it doesn’t officially start until 1st December.  The birds are really focal this morning, enjoying the sun.

Take care all those affected by the winter storms in the north.  It is strange when we are so warm here you are so cold.

This week I have gone for a nostalgic look at the Art Deco weekend a couple of years ago.  So I went to Photoshop Express for the memory filter and then used an antique frame to give them a really old look about the photos to give the impression that they are genuine photos from the 1930’s.

Art Deco 7

Art Deco 6

Art Deco 4

Art Deco 3

Art deco 2

Art Deco 1

The only thing that gives these photos away are some of the clothing and new buildings.

Check out Sally’s awesome post here for info about this challenge:





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Snap & Zap: Reflections.

Reflections (640x466)

I must have known about this challenge last night as I spent some time playing with my apps on my iPad.  I have a lot of photos of reflections.  Some are really bizarre as they are taken down at Cornwall Park.

I just wanted to see where I could take this one.

Reflection - Photoshop

I went to Photoshop Express and saturated it with a vibrant filter.

Reflections FX Distressed

Then I headed to FX Distressed which added some texture.

Reflections Ansel AffectFor my final image I used the ansel filter.

Actually I must make a confession.  I can’t remember what filters I used.  It was just fun to see where I went.

Gothic original (640x466)

Then I went for a gothic look.  This is the original image.

Gothic artworks (640x466)

Here I tried to find my inner artist with the ArtWorks comic filter. It didn’t end up exactly how I wanted.

Gothic Photoscape (640x466)

So I headed to Photoscape and used one of their filters.  It blurred the edges a bit.

Reflections Tangles FX (640x467)

Then my favourite.  Tangled FX.  Such an interesting spooky affect.


For each Snap & Zap I will suggest a new theme so take a new photo or use an existing photo and edit it with any software you like, so…

  1. Create a new post showing the original
  2. What edits have you made?
  3. What software/techniques have you used?
  4. Link back to the current week’s page

The theme for this “Snap & Zap…” is Reflections.

This is a great challenge to try out new filters and generally just to have fun.  I get a bit carried away and forgot to write down the filters I used.  Too much to think about when the creative juices are working.


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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: Week 39

Coloured socks (640x477)

Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings.  It should be a lovely hot day today with hopefully little wind.

For those of my blogging friends in the state of New York I am thinking of you.  We are still getting news reports about your situation and that flooding is now expected.  I know you have had a winter season’s snowfall in just a couple of days.  Many are house bound and food and medical supplies are starting to run out.  So you are not forgotten and I hope you are keeping warm and cosy and making the best of this. I have seen some amazing photos.

Anyway, onto Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge:


Now, this photo shows I am really turning into an oddball myself.  I walked into the dining room last night after my daughter came home from work.  I saw her socks on the table.  Not really what you want to see.  But before I told her off, I got the camera out and took a photo of them.  Just because the socks are such a glorious colour and I liked the way the threads show on the inside of them.  They are actually spotted.

I did have some fun with the editing.



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Travel Theme: Colourful

Sunset 9. 22.11.2014 (640x480)

Good morning from a warm Hastings morning.  It does seem heartless to say how warm it is here, when in the state of New York they are suffering under the worse snow storm in living memory, with flooding expected.  I have been watching on our news and I am thinking of my blogging friends up there.  Buffalo seems to be the hardest hit.  So take care, keep warm and look after yourselves.

This week Ailsa has asked for colourful photos in her challenge:


Here in Hastings we have the most amazing colour shows  with our sunrises and sunsets.  Last night was no exception.  The hardest part was actually choosing which photos to use.

Sunset 22.11.2014 (490x640)

Sunset 8. 22.11.2014 (640x480)

Sunset 8. 22.11.2014 (2) (640x480)

Sunset 7 22.11.2014 (640x480)

Sunset 5 22.11.2014 (640x480)

Sunset 3 22.11.2014 (640x480)

Sunset 3 22.11.2014 (2) (640x480)

Sunset 2 22.11.2014 (640x480)

These photos are looking east towards the setting sun.

Sunset 4 22.11.2014 (640x480)

Looking west had a different colour altogether.

Sunset  6 22.11.2014 (640x480)







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