Weekly Pet Share: Sitting on the Fence

Sitting on the Fence-7726

Good morning from a warmer sunny Hastings day.  We have had a gorgeous sunrise which I used for my Wordless Wednesday post.  The sunrises are definitely getting later, and redder.  One day I will take my son to his college and then go over to Napier cemetery and try and get a sunrise there – the cemetery is up on a hill.  That should be good.

I thoroughly enjoyed my painting class yesterday.  Actually it was spent talking mostly about my Social Snappers group.  A couple want to join my group but it clashes with another group so there was a lot of discussion about times etc so that they can come along.  It is all good.

Anyway here is something more furry.  We have a lot of cats where  I live.  So there is no shortage of furry models for me.  I have to keep my camera handy just to catch some interesting photos.  Just like this cat sitting on the fence.  This is near the area where all the cats seem to sit to check up on me.  It is comforting somehow.



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Phoneography Challenge: Nature

Red Leaves-039

The first Monday of the month means showcasing our nature photos for Sally’s challenge at Lens and Pens by Sally.

Last night I had some phone on my iPad with Snapseed, Aviary and DistressedFX.

Light through the Leaves-041

Autumn Idyll-042

As we are into winter I wanted to show off our beautiful colours.

I don’t have time this morning to check out my reader.  I am off to my painting class.  Then it is back to the dentist to get my stitches out. So will to all your great blogs later today.

By the way what a lovely name the new princess has Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  She does look like a Charlotte to me.  Adorable.





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Sunday Stills Challenge:Danger

Big Cat-080

Ed from Sunday Stills has asked us for our photos of danger.

I found this photo I took about 30 years ago at Auckland Zoo.  I think the lion looks so sad, locked up in a cage.  He is dangerous but this is not how he should be treated.

Excuse the quality of the image – it is a photo of a photo.



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One Four Challenge:May/Week 1

Apples - increase clarity, alter exposure (1 of 1)

Good morning from a cool sunny Hastings day.

Robyn from Captivate Me has started of a new month of her One Four Challenge. This is great for us who love editing to get a photo and edit it a different way each week.

So for May I am going for a autumn theme.  The apple trees are or were fully loaded down with apples.  For my first edit I adjusted the exposure and clarity. It was underexposed and it was hard to pick out the leaves clearly.

For more information here is Robyn’s blog to check out.





This should be interesting to do this month.


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