Travel Theme: Fun among the Toys


Good morning from a rather cold and wet Hastings day.

Yesterday I met up with one of the ladies from my social snappers group and went into town to wander around.  The weather turned to custard and rained hard as you can see in my monochrome image this morning.  So after going to my favourite camera store to drool over the cameras to order a remote for my camera we headed to the mall for a hot chocolate and decadent banana chocolate chip muffin (shared between us) and then wandered through the toy department.  My friend was on lookout while I took some photos.


Talk about bright cheesy colours.


So were just weird.


What’s with covering the eyes?


These Frozen dolls are just plain spooky


As my friend said -Let it Go……


And then we found this shopping trolley fill but abandoned.  Which parent had a lot of difficulty getting their child away from this?

Travel theme: Toys

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