Phoneography Challenge: Editing with Apps

IMG_4565 (640x640)

Good morning from a coolish Hastings.

This week, being the 5th Monday for June (although I am already into July), it is editing with the cool apps available.  That is the fun part for me.

I love Snapseed and it seems to be a favourite with other bloggers too.  The grunge affects are just so awesome.

IMG_3775 (496x640)

It adds atmosphere to the image as well as defining the flowers a bit more.

IMG_3773 (480x640)

IMG_4563 (513x640)

I can’t remember what I used here but the glow affect is interesting.

IMG_4548 (495x640)

I definitely can’t remember what app I used here.  When I get going I just move from app to app to see what affect I get and whether I like it or not.  I loved art at school and would have loved to take it further at university but family circumstances did not allow it.  So with all these apps I can start to unleash my inner artist in me to make up for time lost.

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