WPC Challenge: Half and Half

Half and Half-5837

Good morning from a freezing cold Hastings day.  I know this because I have already been out to shoot the sunrise which was amazing.  But I had a serious case of the shakes.   Even with a tripod.  So my next investment will be a remote release for my camera.

Anyway the prompt this week from Weekly Photo Challenge is half and half.  I do have a lot of photo of half and half photos.  Mostly when I don’t use a tripod and I move, or when the wind moves the subject.  But these were composed.

Half and Half-5894

And a couple of photos of our sunrise.

Purple Skies-032

Purple Skies-030



The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

A Part of the Whole #photography #haiku





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14 thoughts on “WPC Challenge: Half and Half”

  1. Wow, Raewyn, each and every photo is special. What a great job!! The clouds in your last image had me wowing as did the photo of the yellow flower in focus and out of focus, as well as the bee on the flower. And yes a remote shutter release works wonders!!! I use it with my slow shutter speeds. Have a great weekend!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


  2. Lovely shots Raewyn. I agree with previous comments about timers etc….also I a remote which I have used on night shoot. It was $1.29 on eBay. Should still get one for $1.50ish.


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