Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Lines and Chairs


Good morning from a cool but sunny spring morning here in Hastings.  I got up early this morning to get organised by putting the rubbish out.  I noticed that there was a bit of fog around so headed back inside to grab my camera.  The light was beautiful.

It is nice when I can just grab the camera and go out for a short photo shoot.  This was not the case for these photos.

Last week my father was in hospital so I ended up looking after my mother who is now in a more severe stage of her Alzheimer’s.  So everyday I would take her up to the hospital to visit Dad.  And each day I was in the lift I would see these lines.  But didn’t get an opportunity to grab some photos.  Mum was in too much of a hurry to see Dad.

So the last day that Dad was in hospital I had the opportunity to be in the lift on my own.  So out came my iPhone 6S and this is the result.  An abstract that I normally don’t do.  But it looks great in black and white.


This is the landing on the 4th floor.  We used to go early and sit in these chairs and look at the world outside.  Again I was able to just take a photo with no-one around.

Last week was hard, with no real opportunities to go out at all.  My Dad is fine and and back home.

This is my entry this week for Sally D’s mobile challenge:

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17 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Lines and Chairs”

  1. Both images are great. I always have my phone on me but usually forget about using the camera on it. The empty chairs looking out over a snow filled landscape seem somehow warm, but sad. Or is that snow?


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