Phoneography Challenge: Black and White Ferns

IMG_0225 copy (500x640)

Good morning from a grey looking Hastings.

It is time for Sally’s challenge for our non–SLR devices again.

It was interesting to see the new camera specs for the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus last week.  The IPhone 6Plus looks like it could be a mini SLR camera which should be good.  We don’t always have our large cameras with us, but we usually have cellphones on us.

Anyway I have gone for a New Zealand theme today.  The All Blacks won against South Africa last Saturday night in a tight rugby match.  So I thought it would be appropriate to show some ferns in black and white.  These photos were taken in the native bush at Cornwall Park earlier this year.

IMG_0227 copy (500x640)

IMG_0224 copy (640x480)

IMG_0223 copy (640x480)

They have been edited with Snapseed, Perfect Affects 8 and Photoscape.

Let’s Face It…

Thanks for visiting and check out some other great posts for this challenge.



19 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Black and White Ferns”

  1. Love the framing, they all pop as unique art work, Well done!!!
    I do crave the new IPhone but I”m waiting to see how it feels to hold it in my hand. If it’s too awkward I wouldn’t use it. Hope not.
    Thanks for the review and sharing the apps.

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  2. Raewyn, this set is one of my favorite of things you’ve done. I think they’re beautiful and I love the editing! I have an iPhone 5S, which I just got less than a year ago, so I’ll be sticking with mine. I think Apple’s being pressured by companies such as Samsung, whose Galaxy has gotten rave reviews. Good for Apple to have to work at it a bit.


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