Weekly Pet Share: Colourful Birds at Cornwall Park.

Yellow Eye-238

Good morning from a warmer Hastings day.

Yes, I am a bit late but slept in this morning and then had to catch up on the news – our cricket team won in England, for the first time in 16 years.  So that is something to celebrate.

Anyway my photos for this week’s Weekly Pet Share hosted by Michelle at  Hope* the happy hugger were taken last Friday with my social snappers group at Cornwall Park.  There is an aviary there with colourful parrots.

Lunch time!-234

It was an exercise to use our zooms to block out the wire cage and focus on the birds.

I have my eye on you!-239

All this bird was interested in was eating his fruit.


Some just turned their backs to us.

Soft Feathers-256

Others just stared us down.

Rosy Feathers-228

Sticky Beak-225

It was a great day, even though it was freezing.  We got to take a lot of photos.



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Copyright Raewyn Forbes

24 thoughts on “Weekly Pet Share: Colourful Birds at Cornwall Park.”

  1. Splendid! Great capture! I love the macro shots and seeing the fine detail of the feathers. Thank you for this colorful display! Have a great rest of the 4th of July weekend!


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