Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Clouds over Napier

Clouds Over Napier 2-

Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.

Yesterday I dressed up and went over to Napier to see what was happening for the Art Deco Festival.  It was rather quiet, but the excitement and events start building up today and then over the weekend it is huge.  So I was able to wander around and take a few photos in peace.

This was the weather when I first arrived.  Sunny, and hot and very, very humid.

Clouds Over Napier 1-

And then I looked towards the south and saw these clouds rolling in.

Clouds Over Napier-

Looking down Emerson Street, the main thoroughfare of Napier CBD.

Clouds Over Napier 3-

And looking up towards Bluff Hill.

As you can see the storm clouds were rolling in and yes it did rain, but I was indoors for it and so didn’t catch any photos of it.  But the humidity is a killer – I had my heavy beaded dress on – thank goodness as it was windy too.

This is for Cee Neuner‘s black and white challenge this week – our weather photos.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Weather

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