Cee’s Black & White Photography: Made from Plastic


Good morning from a cool Hastings morning.

This week Cee has gone for a modern theme. Things made of plastic.  I had a bit of a think about this one.  Then I found these photos on my phone.

First up is a macro of a plastic roll of cotton thread.  I have brought a cheap little lens for my iPhone.  It just clips on and I can have wide angle or macro.  The macro was a bit difficult to work out.  It seems that I have to literally place the camera lens just about on the subject I want to shoot.  But it does have some cool effects.


This photo was taken last summer.  It was very, very hot right into the evening. For those in Fahrenheit this is over 90 degrees and it was actually 6.21 PM, (I hadn’t changed this for summer time).  We go through it ok though.  Well I am still here.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Made from Plastic


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