Dawn of a New Life


Good morning or is it nearly afternoon here in Hastings.

I just want to say a big thank you for all your messages of support last week.  I really do appreciate all the kind words.

An update on what is happening.  Ex-hubby has taken my Mac computer as hostage. I got all my other property removed from our marital home but he has stolen the computer with all my photos on it and is hiding it at his work place and is holding it to ransom.  In other words I will get it back if I do not ask for a divorce settlement.  He is furious with me as I am entitled to half of all our marital property including his precious classic cars.  At the moment he is busy removing my name from everything to try and claim that it was all his.  Methinks a big battle is on my hands.

I do not want to stoop to his level but I have gone to the police to document the fact that he injured the arm that was broken a couple of months ago.  I got significant bruising around it again so am just about back to square one in regards to the pain. If the worse comes to the worse I can always make this complaint official but I am hoping he will see reason.

The silly thing is that I managed to password lock it up and have the mouse.  He is not computer literate so will not be able to mange using it anyway.  He doesn’t want a computer at all but is just throwing his toys out of the cot and wants to control me this way.  Ain’t going to work.

On the positive side my son and daughter haven’t stopped smiling since we have moved.  We are all sleeping better as well as we were worried about his frame of mind.  Even before the night he kicked me out we were having major problems with his mental health issues – he suffers from Depression.  But that is no excuse to treat me or my children this way.

Soooo, my photo today was taken yesterday morning at dawn from just across the road from our new home.  I like to think of it as a completely new start to our lives.

On the negative side I am stuck with an ancient laptop with no hard drive space and no favourite editing programmes.  I will have to make do with Pic Monkey and Picasa 3 for the moment until my computer is released from it’s prison.

Thank you once again for all your support and hopefully things will return to normal with my blog.

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12 thoughts on “Dawn of a New Life”

  1. Good luck – as Dawn says, your children are with you. That is so important.
    Get legal advice as soon as possible. My daughter was put in terrible situation by her ex and it has only now been resolved – she won – and that included the right to sell the house (and get 70% of the money for her and the kids). It’s been a terrible time as her ex totally destroyed her confidence. Just getting her to believe she could take him to court took ages.
    Find out is NZ has legal aid and get to a lawyer as soon as you can.


  2. Oh, that husband of yours are so lucky that I am not there! I know that there are men like that in this world. Lucky for them they didn’t end up with me. I think in a previous life I assasinated them. 😆

    Love the photo Raewyn and I am glad to see you positive and in good health. Don’t back down please. Fight for everything you want because you have the right to it. If half is yours, then it’s yours. You’re right. His depression doesn’t give him any reason to treat you or your children that way. He might be menopausal as well, but still, that doesn’t give him any right as well. You go get your computer. If it was me, I would have made a case against him for theft.

    Take care hon and be safe and know I am thinking of you all. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


  3. Oh Raewyn, I’m so sorry to hear of all the trouble your husband is causing to you and your children. I can only re-iterate what others have said; get legal help and contact Women’s Refuge if you need to. Refuge does so much more than provide accommodation; they also have advocates and offer practical advice about services, entitlements etc. Stay strong and know that you have many, many people who care about you. Big hugs 🙂


    1. Thank you for your concern. WINZ is sooooo slow. After 3 weeks I still have no benefits, no money coming in. I am just living off my credit card and the ex is fuming as his name is on it too which makes him liable for it. I was put onto Women’s Refuge and I have just contacted them now to see what I can do next. Legal Aid is now double checking before granting help so that will take forever. My church has just brought some groceries for me which is great – we will be eating a lot of soups. I have lost some weight from the stress of it all. Not that I mind but it is not a good way to lose it. 😦 Mini meltdown today. But I will survive as the song goes. 🙂


      1. AAAggh. It’s not until you need help that your realise that although we have a safety net, it’s very slow. I’m glad you are getting some support and hope Refuge and other organisations can help. Thinking of you. Kia kaha. xx


  4. My thoughts are with you! I had basically the same thing happen to me with my ex. It’s not always easy to see the positive through all the muck. It’s there though I can promise you that. ❤


    1. Thank you. I am getting desperate at the moment. I have just about used up my credit card and haven’t received any assistance yet. I am thinking of going to Givealittle to see if I can get some help there, and to get a new computer. This one doesn’t like the internet.. What do you think?


      1. I understand. Try and hang in there as best as you can. I know it’s tough right now so one step at a time. I was not familiar with Givealittle so I looked it up – just so there is no confusion, is this the place you mean? http://www.givealittlefoundation.org/ if so, it wouldn’t hurt to try at all! I like the things they say on their website. If you do decide to do it please be sure to read all the fine print before you do.


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