Cee’s Fun Fotos: One of a Kind

One White Rose
One White Rose

Good morning from a warmish, windy Hastings day.  We are expecting rain later today so it will be back into winter mode again.  It was nice not to have to light a fire.  That was how warm it has been.

Anyway onto this great challenge hosted by Cee at Cee’s Photography.  This week she has asked us for our photos showing one item.  As usual I have my florals, but also a monarch butterfly and a super cute duckling.

Just a bit of trivia today.  I have just been asked about my name. It is very unusual.  Though it is a little more common here in New Zealand.  I actually quite like it as it is different.  What I didn’t like is that no-one knows how to spell it.  All the cards I get with some many different spelling.  It is also why I watermark my photos with my name.

So drum roll please………..

[ syll. raewyn, ra-ew-yn ] The baby girl name Raewyn is pronounced REY-UWIHN †. Raewyn has its origins in the English language. Raewyn is a variant form of the name Raeven.

Raewyn is not popular as a baby name for girls. It is not in the top 1000 names.

Now, I always thought it was Welsh.  But no, it is English……



Actually I don’t know how many websites I went to before I found this one.


One Yellow Dahlia
One Yellow Dahlia
One Poppy
One Poppy
One Monarch Butterfly
One Monarch Butterfly
One Duckling
One Duckling

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item or the Number 1

Lone Bull at Sunset

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One’s in Hoi An



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14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Fotos: One of a Kind”

  1. Love your flower shots Raewyn. Years ago the one of our shearer’s wives was referred to as ‘Ray’ (I thought) probably ‘Rae’ after meeting you. Interesting to read about its derivation.


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