WPC: Muses in Nature

European Goldfinch-316

Good morning from a warmer, sunnier Hastings day.

This week  from The Daily Post has asked us what inspires us.  What do we take a lot of photos of.

My muse is nature.  Yesterday I took a group of lovely ladies to Frimley Park to enjoy the sunshine and to find the last of the summer roses.  We had a fabulous time wandering around and taking photos.  I find it so hard to tear myself away from it all.  There is always that last photo you just can’t not take.  Sounds weird but I am sure everyone knows what I mean. First up I found this European Goldfinch hiding among the roses.


There were still a lot of late roses.


Mostly yellow and pink roses.


But even before we left the Heretaunga Women’s Centre I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the poppies in the frost.


And then after we had finished I had to take some more photos of the poppies in the sun.



And there were a lot of bees so I had to take photos of them too.



The other ladies haven’t done much in the way of taking photos – I took over 700 in all – I shocked them I think.




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19 thoughts on “WPC: Muses in Nature”

  1. Great flowers and I’m really happy to see bees. Bees are rather scarce lately. Some kind of bee crisis all over the US and I think in Europe, too. Nice that they are doing well somewhere on earth. Wonderful pictures, all of them, but the roses are special.


  2. suM humorin da’ birdy an interestin’ color yes indeed I BEElieve 🙂
    an , well, dat 3rd pic down of da yeller flower is georgeous an da finch pic is very UniQue! 🙂 hasta 2 U an UrZ! frum U.S.A. eh to hastings! 🙂 yeppurZ! ……………Q


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