Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Black and White


Sally from Lens and Pens by Sally has renamed her challenge to Sally D’s Mobile Photography.  This is a great challenge where we get to showcase all photos taken with our mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

I have this great new computer.  But there was a glitch when it came to uploading my photos.  It wouldn’t upload my edits with Snapseed.  Only with Adobe’s Aviary app.  But i had edited these photos with Snapseed.  Any advice is really welcome as I use Snapseed a lot.

So I just had to edit these quickly with Lightroom.


These photos were taken at Pakowhai Park.  These were taken after my camera’s batteries had died.  It is always so handy to have a camera on my phone.


I will have to google it.

As I have my art class this morning I won’t have time for my reader this morning so will catch up with everyone later.

Thanks for visiting.

Copyright Raewyn Forbes

15 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Black and White”

  1. The park bench and tree trunk are wonderful, such good structure to start with the editing is frosting on the cake.
    I was told by Apple to use Google chrome when I can’t get into thing otherwise,
    I edit on my phone and drag and drop the image directly into WordPress. good luck
    Happy Monday or Tuesday 😉


  2. Struggling with technology is almost always frustrating! I like the shadows in the first photo and the bark in the second. I thought the editing was fine on all of them. So far, even though I have a zillion apps on my phone and iPad, I always end up using Picasa 3 on my laptop. Have to push out of my comfort zone a bit one of these days, I guess. 🙂



  3. Darn technology sometimes….. I have just got a new smartphone and am still trying to get my head around using it, Raewyn. Make sure that you have saved the snapseed photos to your device (phone), and then check in the separate snapseed folder when if you connect to the pc with a usb cable. You have probably tried this already, and if so, Google may be the best option. Love the bench seat and fantastic tree trunk.. Is that a conifer?


  4. Hope you resolve the problem, Raewyn…. Google own Snapseed, which used to be available on PCs as well as mobile devices, but I understood that the mobile version was the only one available now….


  5. Hi Raewyn, I can’t your blog disappeared from my reader… 😦 Sorry about that. I re-subscribed, hope it will work. 🙂 Great BW shots!


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