One Four Challenge: March, Week 1. A prickly challenge.

Thistle in the Sunset (1 of 1)

For the month of March I have chosen this photo for Robyn’s challenge at Captivate Me.

The last few days have seen me tearing my hair out literally.  On Saturday I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and install Lightroom and Photoshop.  I have windows 7 but there was no indication that I needed to install any special version of Adobe.  So I went ahead and installed Creative Cloud.  Not a good idea.  My computer started to go crazy and froze.  So I gave up for the day.

On Sunday my computer was ok so I heaved a sigh of relief.  I even managed to do some edits, including this one.  But I couldn’t use Photoshop – Windows kept shutting it down.  But my relief didn’t last long.  My computer just froze again.

Yesterday I couldn’t even do anything.  The mouse was on strike.  But I managed to start up in safe mode with networking, which meant I could check my emails and do my blog.  Afterwards I then unistalled Creative Cloud and all it’s apps.

Then, holding my breath I restarted Windows.  Phew, it was working.  So I reinstalled Creative Cloud and Lightroom.  This time I didn’t have any problems with the install and Lightroom works like a dream.  I haven’t tried to do Photoshop yet.  When I googled this problem, it seemed that there were a lot of others in the same boat as me.  Adobe are not exactly helpful either. I have read that I needed to reduce my CPU out put or something  weird like that, but I don’t want to fiddle around with my computer too much.

Anyway onto this image.  I have had this on my computer for a while and wanted to do something with it.  It was taken during the golden hour in the evening.  We had just had a great sunset with really strong colours.  I tried to increase the clarity and sharpen it. There is not a lot more I could do in that direction.  But I want to go down a more creative path with this one, which is why I want Photoshop.  But it is also a good one to learn more about Lightroom as well.  This means playing around with saturation and colour hues and not just what I normally do.  If I can’t get Photoshop then I have to try with GIMP.

As usual any constructive criticism is welcome.  Any advice is really welcome.


One Four Challenge – March Week 1

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Phoneography Challenge: Nature

Greensleeves 1 (1 of 1)

Greensleeves (1 of 1)

Good morning from a balmy sunny day here in Hastings.  I have already been out to take photos of our awesome sunrise.  I have also notice the leaves starting to change colour.  As of the 1st March we are officially into autumn.  But mother nature has forgotten to switch of the heater.  On Sunday we had the highest temperature in the country – 30 degrees celsius and yesterday was 28, today we are forecast to have the same.  So we will enjoy this Indian summer.  I wouldn’t mind if we continue to have such awesome sunrises – will post tomorrow.

I have managed to work out what was wrong with my computer but will explain it all in my other post as it is more relevant there.

So onto this challenge by Sally.  This is to showcase what our non digital camera devices can do.  Samsung have announced their new phones yesterday.  Among the upgrades are new camera specs.  That should be interesting for those who are into Samsung.  Me, these photos were taken with my iPhone 5S.  I have used some of the photos taken at this time for my 5 day black and white challenge.  This time though, I have edited them with Lightroom.  I wanted the leaves sharp and to pop out.  Let me know what you think.


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