Travel Theme: Fantastic

Doorway to another world

Good morning from a dark and rainy Hastings morning. Yesterday was another nice day, hot and not much wind.  So again it was surreal knowing that today the weather is going to turn to custard.

Satellite image from MTSAT geostationary satellite shows Cyclone Pam near Vanuatu. Photo / JMA

Satellite image from MTSAT geostationary satellite shows Cyclone Pam near Vanuatu. Photo / JMA

It is scary to know that Civil Defence has been set up here in the Hawke’s Bay and up north in the Bay of Plenty and Gisborne. On our news websites there is a lot of information about coping with disasters.  Vanuatu has been badly hit with winds up to 340 km/hour.  It will be downgraded by the time it hits us but it will still be a rough couple of days.  As I am writing this just now the heavens has just opened up with very heavy rain.

Onto this challenge by Ailsa at Where’s my backpack?.  Her post yesterday was a touching tribute to the wonderful Terry Pratchett who died on Friday our time. So our prompt this week is anything fantastical or fantastic.

My photos were taken with my IPhone 5S at Pakowahi Park which was in itself a fantastical place to escape from the world and enjoy the native bush and listen to the birdsong. I had to resort to my phone after the camera’s battery died on me.

This first photo I found when I was walking through the trees and saw the sun hitting on a tree in the distance.  I rather like the affect the sun had on making the bush in the distance look like another world completely.

Spooky plant

Another spooky plant. I deliberately edited so that the plant seemed to glow.

Willow Reflections

Some surreal reflections.  I struggled with the colours in this one but then threw in the towel as we are into autumn so the leaves are starting to change colour and so I just went with it.

Fairies flying off

Finally a plant where the fairies are leaving home.

Thanks for visiting.

Travel theme: Fantastic

Thanks for visiting.


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